Our Story

We’ve always believed that the memories you make on your journey through life should never fade. They’re what you have to look back on as the years go by, and they’re something that you can enjoy for a lifetime if captured in the right way. The key is to find something unique, personal and elegant that you love to have by your side.

When we went in search of just such a thing, we ended up looking long and hard at personalised gift market — it’s where we’ve been working for the last 20 years after all. The problem was that no matter where we looked, we couldn’t find a way to capture memories that felt right.

There were plenty of charming and well-made products out there, but nothing had that little something extra you can’t describe with words alone. Before long we decided we’d have to create it ourselves and laalie.com was born. We’ve never looked back since.

From our base here in Northallerton, North Yorkshire we’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering quality without delay. Whether we’re selling direct to the public, or via our ever-expanding network of resellers, we take pride in making sure every single piece is exactly as it should be.

And because we’re all about making and capturing memories, we took our name from our children, Lizzie and her older sister Charlotte. Lizzie used to struggle to say Charlotte when she was little and called her Laalie instead. The name stuck, is still used to this day, and is a key part of our own personal story.

Now it’s time we helped you tell your own story…

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